5 Reasons I Love my New J. Pechauer Pool Cue

(A guest post by Jen L. from Grand Rapids MI)

I recently got a new pool cue from Emerald Leisure Source in Grand Rapids, MI. Newton, the sales manager, knew how much I loved to play, and picked out a pool cue that he knew I would love from J. Pechauer Custom Cues.

Although I’m a very amateur pool player, I love the game, and play a couple of times every week, both on leagues and with friends.

After playing with it for a few months, he was right. A million times over! Here’s why…

J. Pechauer Custom Pool Cues are Smooth, Well-Balanced, and Gorgeous!

1] It shoots soooo smoooooth.

I’m a very soft shot and put great focus on my ability to shoot in a very controlled manner, exhausting no more energy than is needed to make my shot, and set up the next one. It has very low deflection and improves my control more than any cue I’ve ever used.

2] It’s incredibly well balanced.

I’m short and so are my arms. The balance of my J. Pechauer cue is perfect! I don’t need to reach back too far, which allows me even greater control of every shot. But, when I do need to stretch to reach a shot (again, being short), I can do so without compromising my own balance, or angle of the shot.

3] It’s the perfect weight for me.

At 19.5 oz., my new cue gives me a little extra weight, which I find very important for the slow, controlled shots I like to take. That weight is a little heavier than I was used to, but the cue is so well balanced that the extra weight seems to help, not hinder, my shots.

4] It’s PURPLE!!!!

My hair is purple, my pool cue case is purple, and my new cue fits my style to a capital T!! The amazing, custom inlays of purple and black, along with its warm, maple finish make me happy to pick it up, and show it off. It’s truly a gorgeous merging of form and function.

At first, I wasn’t sure I would like the non-wrapped butt, all my previous cues were textured. But ultimately, I prefer the non-wrap! I can move my hand more easily to find the perfect, comfortable grip, and it’s easier to keep clean. My hands tend to sweat a little when a game gets heated, and it’s easier to deal with when the grip is smooth.

5] It makes my teammates jealous, and my competitors nervous.

I get looks when I pull out my new purple goddess Pechauer cue. My teammates want one of their own (I tell them to head to Emerald Leisure Source and try the dozens they have in stock to find their own perfect fit). They can see how it has improved my game, and I get called up to shoot more often because of it. When the opposing team sees me take my first couple of shots, they know I’m not messing around. I’ve had several people ask me about it, what kind it is, where I got it and if I like it. (I think they’re also jealous that their cue doesn’t match their hair :) )

Ultimately, a well-made cue has helped me improve my game, and my confidence to go up against better opponents and win! THANK YOU Emerald for making that happen!!!

Visit to see what makes them to great. Then, contact Emerald Leisure Source in Grand Rapids for a great selection of J. Pechauer cues and everything you need to play a better game of pool!