Since 1972, Butch and Don Olhausen have been carrying on a family tradition of excellent craftsmanship, the highest quality materials, and meticulous attention to detail. Earning the title “The Best in Billiards” is no small feat, and for generations, the Olhausen family has been leading the industry with American-made pool tables, shuffleboard tables, and other game room favorites.

America’s Leading Billiards Manufacturer

The Olhausen company was founded when brothers Don and Butch, newly arrived in California from their native New Mexico, began delivering, installing, and recovering pool tables for a local manufacturer and their customers. The boys learned the trade – and the importance of fine details – from their father. Growing up, every Olhausen family home had a workshop, and working with pool tables was a part of daily life.

With a knack for the business and a passion for excellence, the brothers hustled for work, delivering pool tables in an El Camino – and then came an opportunity that would change the course of the billiards industry. For a mere $1000, they purchased the manufacturing company they had been working for, and set out bring their craftsmanship to the masses. When the manufacturer changed hands, they were averaging about 35 pool tables per year. The first year as Olhausen, they made 70. Within a couple of years, annual orders were exceeding 300.

Today, Olhausen Pool Tables makes some 30,000 tables per year, serving customers around the world.

Using the finest American hardwoods, high grade exotic imports, and a sophisticated treatment process, all Olhausen products are made with the utmost care. Tables are available in an array of sizes, finishes, and coverings, each with beautiful accents – like masterfully inlaid rail sights.

Every Olhausen Pool Table is handcrafted in the company’s 25,000 square foot facility in Portland, Tennessee, carrying on the family legacy that began more than 40 years ago.

The company’s long standing commitment to quality and tradition can be seen in each of their products, and felt through their knowledgeable, service driven staff. Olhausen tables use proprietary Accu-Fast Cushions for industry-leading consistency, and exclusive Unliner technology for increased durability and stability.

One look at an Olhausen table, you’ll see why they’ve become a household name – and synonymous with serious pool players.

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