Beginner’s Guide to Playing Foosball – Part 1

Foosball is a fast paced, fun game for people of all ages.

For experienced players, competition can be fierce, and reaction time is a powerful weapon against opponents.

For beginners though, just getting a feel for the table can take some time. Getting used to the mechanics of the game, as well as the strategies involved, begins the process of foosball mastery!

Master This Exciting Game With Simple Strategies

To help you get started, a few basic tips will go a long way! If you’re new to the game, this will help you get up and running – or if you’re buying a foosball table for the kids, you can offer this advice to set them on the path to greatness!


The two most common grips used in foosball are the “wrist grip” and the “open palm grip”. With the wrist grip, you wrap your hand around the handle, and use the wrist to rotate it. Alternatively, players using the open palm grip don’t actually hold the handle, but place a palm against it with the fingers pointing toward the floor, then roll the handles by moving their hands up and down.

Eventually, players may come to alternate between these grips – and you can experiment with which style works best for you!

One point of caution: many beginner players using wrist grip will hold the handle too tightly, and sacrifice control and touch.


Foosball is largely a game of defense. Knowing how to block shots and position your defenders can make all the difference!

First, stagger your defenders! Position the two rods so your “men” alternate, closing the gaps the individual rows leave. Of course, you’ll be moving these rods throughout the game, but this basic positioning is a good “home base” for defending your goal and leaving less space for you opponent’s shot to get through.

Another solid strategy comes in the angle of your defenders. Instead of leaving them completely vertical, angle your players! Point the rod closest to your goal (three men) toward the opposing goal at a slight angle, and the second rod toward your own goal, making a “V shape” with the two rows of defenders. This sets up defenders to both “catch” and strike back. Make sure the angles aren’t so great that the ball can pass underneath!

With a little practice, foosball can become an exciting, competitive way to spend time with friends and family, and is a staple addition to any game room. To explore foosball tables, replacement parts, accessories, and more, Contact Emerald Leisure Source in Grand Rapids today!