Benefits of Fluidix® Jets on Sundance Hot Tubs

When your muscles are aching, there’s nothing better than sinking into the soothing waters of a Sundance spa with Fluidix® jets to massage away your pain.

Whether it’s for health or for fun, Emerald Leisure Source can help you make the most of your spa experience. Here’s how those Fluidix jets work their magic!

Jets of Soothing Relaxation

The Toll of Michigan Weather on the Body

Anyone who lives in Michigan knows that the seasons can do a number on your body. In the summer and fall you’re working out in the yard cutting grass, planting flowers, or raking leaves. In the winter you’re shoveling snow and scraping off ice.

In other words, your muscles deserve a nice break, and the best way to give them that break is with the perfect blend of heat, buoyancy, and massage that you can get from patented Fluidix jets on Sundance Hot Tubs.

How Fluidix Jets Perform

When it comes to personalized hydrotherapy, Fluidix Jets are positioned to reach the pressure points used in reflexology and acupressure, and the powerful jets in a Sundance spa work to ease your tension and stress.

Whether you prefer subtly calming or intensely penetrating, every jet in a Sundance spa is uniquely designed to simulate a specific type of massage through a combination of water and air. The best part is that you control the massage, so each time you step into your watery oasis, you create a personalized hydrotherapy session with Fluidix jets.

Some streams feel like delicate fingers massaging soft tissues, while others feel like strong hands deeply kneading your muscles. And the additional jets mimic certain techniques of Eastern massage therapies. From deep tissue and muscle release to pressure point and relaxation, Fluidix jets deliver.

Patented Fluidix Jet Technology

This unique experience is the result of patented Fluidix jet technology that uses natural principles of fluid dynamics, which cause the jet stream to oscillate without the use of bearings or internal moving parts that can wear out.

As a result, Fluidix jets will last for years because no moving parts equals less wear and tear. This means your muscles will continue to receive robust, customized massage action for years to come.

Thinking About a Spa For Your Home?

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