Choosing the Best Hot Tub For Michigan Residents

A hot tub is the perfect way to gain some extra comfort during cold Michigan winters and to help you entertain in your backyard all summer long. They’re can also be a therapeutic sanctuary for athletes and those who have chronic pain. But how do you decide which model to go with? This guide from Emerald Leisure Source is a great place to start.

Things To Consider When Buying a Hot Tub

Once you decide that a hot tub is going to be your next purchase, there are still many things to consider when you’re choosing the best hot tub for your lifestyle.

First, there’s the spa itself. What size will you be going with? Then you have to decide which features you want to include, which is the fun part. Next the cost will most likely be a consideration. While that may seem like a lot to think about, the team at Emerald Leisure Source is among the most knowledgeable in the industry and are here to help you make the best choice.

Size of Hot Tubs

Despite what you may have heard, size does matter. Before choosing a hot tub, you should consider the needs of your family, how much entertaining you’re planning on doing, and the space you have in your yard to accommodate the hot tub. Here are some sizing basics:

  • Large Spas – These hot tubs can comfortably seat up to eight adults, making them perfect for big families or those who frequently entertain. You’ll find that most large hot tubs are rectangular, allowing for seats of various heights, lounge seats, and more points of entry — plus, more room for people to spread out.
  • Medium Spas – These can comfortably accommodate groups of four, five, or six adults, and offer a variety of jet configurations and seating styles. They come in two shapes — most are rectangular, but the popular four-person Sundance Denali spa comes in a round shape.
  • Small Spas – If you have limited space or simpler needs, a small Sundance spa made for two, three, or four adults will be perfect for you. Thanks to back-therapy seating and foot jets, you get all the hydrotherapy benefits you need while taking up minimal space.

Hot Tub Features

All Sundance spas offer a place of relaxation, a way to connect with friends and family, and relief for sore muscles. But once you decide on your size, it’s time to consider the features. Those include:

  • Lounges – When you’re relaxing in your living room, do you prefer sitting up or reclining? Take that into consideration when deciding if you want a hot tub that offers optimum neck-to-feet relief for relaxation or therapy or an open seating spas with extra room for friends and family to gather.
  • Seating Options – How do you envision yourself sitting in your new hot tub? If you’re planning on a lot of parties, look for open layouts and hot tub sizes with more seating options. Keep in mind that differing hot tub seat heights allow people of all ages to enjoy the tub comfortably.

Price of Hot Tubs

Of course how much money you spend will also be a consideration, and things like features, shipping costs, and current promotions will all be factors in the bottom line. There are different model spas at different price points, but here’s a idea of the basic types, by cost:

  • Acrylic – The Cadillac of hot tubs, these are stocked with features, including a choice of colors and finishes, plenty of jets, and room for family and friends. They range in price from $4,000 up to about $25,000, but they offer the best return on investment in terms of features, seating, and safety.
  • Rotomold – Constructed from a single polymer plastic shell, these feature integrated jets and generally don’t have the more sophisticated features associated with the acrylics. They generally sell for under $4,000.
  • Inflatable – Available for under $1,000, inflatable spas are useful for basic hydrotherapy, but lack the powerful and relaxing water jets of the upscale models.

Thinking About a Hot Tub for Your Home?

Emerald Leisure Source, right in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is your one-stop shop for brand new Sundance Spas, covers, chemicals, and everything you need to make your hot tubbing experience the best it can be. Stop in and talk with our expert staff today!