Regardless of your hot tub’s chemistry and how well you maintain it, it’s a good idea to change your hot tub water every 3 to 4 months.

As your cleansers do their job, the byproducts of the chemicals remain – and build up over time.

To make sure you’re protecting your family and friends (and getting the most out of your hot tub), stay on top of changing your water!

Draining and cleaning your hot tub doesn’t have to be hard.

A great first step is using a line flush product to make sure your spa’s internal components are clean and working properly.

It’s totally normal to have a buildup of biofilm in your plumbing, and as you do your line flush, you may notice a black/brown foam in your water. Don’t worry, this means the line flush is working! Pay close attention to the instructions on the line flush product you choose.

Next, remove your filters and disconnect the power from your hot tub.

Depending on the type of filter your hot tub uses, you’ll use a different method to clean them. Some filter cartridges can be submerged in cleanser, while others are best cleaned with a spray. Make sure you know which type of filter you have (and give us a call if you’re not sure)!

You want to be sure the electricity to your hot tub is completely shut off before you start draining, as running the tub without water can cause serious damage.

Now it’s time to drain your hot tub. It’s important to think first about where you intend for the water to drain.

It’s quite a bit of water, and you wouldn’t want to drain toward basement windows, non-draining areas, etc. Pick a place in the yard where you can safely drain your water, attach a garden hose to the drain, and open the valve! Many people also opt for using a portable sump pump to speed up the draining process.

Once your hot tub is drained, clean the inside using a hot tub specific cleanser.

Some people also use a white vinegar solution, but hot tub cleansers are recommended. Spray down and clean the inside surfaces of your hot tub, and be sure to rinse thoroughly. Once you’re done cleaning, replace your filters and refill your tub with clean fresh water!

Remember, this process should be repeated every 3 to 4 months, or even more frequently if your hot tub is getting a large amount of use. Keeping your hot tub clean and safe will ensure you’re having the best possible time, and staying safe while you soak!

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