Enhancing Your Hot Tub for Grand Rapids Winters

Colder temperatures and shorter days don’t have to mean that you can’t enjoy your yard and spa all winter long.

In fact, there are simple things you can do to even enhance your Grand Rapids winter spa experience, and it all starts with Emerald Leisure Source

Learn more about how you can enjoy your spa all year round!

Tips To Enhance Your Winter Hot Tub Experience

While the weather outside might be frightful, you don’t need to succumb to the chill of winter. All it takes is a Sundance Spa and a few simple enhancements. Along with a dip in your hot and bubbly spa, these practical and aesthetic decorating tips will help capture the beauty of winter and warm you on even the most frigid winter days.

Decor Enhancements

Not only do these accessories help improve the aesthetic of your spa, but they also have the benefit of helping reduce the wind chill factor.

Floor-to-ceiling shades or heavy curtains — By hanging these from your gazebo, not only will you get protection from the wind, but you’ll also bring in pops of color and texture to your patio.

Hardy plants and shrubs — Along with being a beautiful perimeter for your winter garden landscape, greenery with holly berries can also double as a windshield and attract colorful birds to your yard.

Colorful, patterned outdoor patio rug All you have to do is lay one of these down in your covered seating area, and you can bring brightness to the space by removing the chill.

Chill Busters

Just because it’s snowing outside doesn’t mean that you have to freeze. Make sure these are available to all your spa-loving guests.

Towels and blankets — Avoid the bite of the cold air and still enjoy time in your backyard by wrapping up in an oversized cozy towel or thick throw.

Hats —  Keep hair dry and retain body heat by keeping a bin of warm winter hats near the back door for you and fellow spa goers.

Heat lampsThe chill won’t stand a chance against thoughtfully placed heaters in your seating area.

Robes —  If you plan to lounge after your soak, get the cover and comfort you need from a full-length terry or plush robe.

Lighting Up the Night

If you want to create a serene winter setting for your cold-weather outdoor living space, add in some creative lighting choices to make your yard light up the night.

By the back door — Provide an inviting and decorative extension of your home, while safely lighting your way in and out, but placing lighting or wall lights near the back entrance and porch area.

Along your yard’s pathway — Use low-voltage solar-powered lights to line the path from your patio to the spa area and everywhere in between.

Around your gardenHighlight a prized landscaping feature or garden fountain by placing a spotlight or two around your garden area.

Thinking About a Hot Tub for Your Home?

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