Games to Play on Your Pool Table

Playing pool is more than just stripes and solids. With the same table, cues, and balls, you can enjoy a variety of games to keep things interesting.

There many to choose from, some more complicated than others. With a few accessories, you can change it up even more.

Check out the videos below to learn the basics of a few fun games, and if you’re feeling creative… Make up your own!

Fun Billiard Games for the Whole Family

8 Ball

Your standard 2 or 4-player game of pool, where you shoot for stripes or solids, pocketing the 8 ball to win. Enjoy this quick breakdown if you aren’t already familiar:

9 Ball

A fast-paced, competitive favorite, 9 ball is a battle of precision, skill, and strategy. This great video breaks down the rules, and shows just how far the pros have taken this amazing game!


A great game when you have 3 players, Cutthroat is a fun spin on billiards that requires different strategy and tough decisions.

Straight Pool

Less common in bars and pool halls, this slower game revolves around called shots and accumulating points to win. Unlike other games, you actually re-rack as you go. This video describes the basic, and is the beginning of an entire series of this unique approach to billiards:

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