Hot Tub Safety

From hosting guests to playing with the kids, a relaxing evening with your spouse to a meditative soak by yourself, hot tubs have plenty of great uses. We tend to think of them solely for leisure and relaxation – and that’s definitely what they’re designed to provide – but there are some often overlooked dangers that come with hot water, chemicals, and a large piece of equipment.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you’re risking life and limb every time you use your hot tub – far from it! Instead, these safety tips are meant to help you enjoy your spa with a little bit of foresight, and make sure the people you share it with do too.

Tips for Avoiding Hot Tub Troubles

1. Put The Chemicals Away

Keep your chemicals well secured away from the hot tub. Even if it’s convenient to have them nearby, it’s always a good idea to keep anything potentially hazardous out of reach for children and pets – hot tub chemicals are no exception.

2. Watch Your Temp

As you spend time in your hot tub, your body temperature will gradually rise. For your own wellbeing, take note of how you feel – if you’re flushed or feeling too warm, take a break! Watch out for dizziness or nausea, and even excessive drowsiness.

Keep on eye others (especially kids) for any signs of overheating, and make sure to stay hydrated. It’s a good idea to have a clock nearby so you can keep track of how long you’ve been soaking… 30 minutes at a time is just about right!

3. Secure The Cover

For the sake of any kids, pets, stray animals, etc., have a sturdy way to secure your hot tub cover. Many covers have built in locking mechanisms, but you can also use accessories like locking straps, installable locks, and so on.

A high quality, securely fastened cover doesn’t just keep your water at temperature or protect the tub from debris, you’re also ensuring children and pets stay safe – and keeping just about everything else out too! This seemingly minor detail is critical for hot tub safety.

As always, use common sense. Be diligent that any friends and family understand the rules, and know how to enjoy the spa without putting themselves – or others – at unnecessary risk.

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