Once you’ve selected and purchased a hot tub, you need to get it up and running at your home!

Even after the installation, it’s important to keep up with maintenance to make sure you enjoy your hot tub for years to come.




Properly install and maintain your hot tub for years of enjoyment!

A hot tub for your home is an investment, and to ensure it operates properly – and stays operating in the future – it needs to be installed with care and expertise.

A stable surface, appropriate electricity, and size considerations all need to be taken into account.

Our expert team is on hand to help. Call us today to set up professional hot tub installation!



You don’t have to lift a finger!

Emerald Leisure Source offers hot tub installation services so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

We’ll evaluate the area you plan to put your hot tub, deliver your tub and equipment, and get it set up and connected.

The only thing you’ll need to do is make sure that your electrical is up to par – an inspection by an electrical contractor is recommended.

Our expert team will lean on years of experience to help you decide on placement and orientation, and can outfit you with accessories specific to your home setup.

We’ll answer any questions along the way, and make sure your spa is perfect working order.



If you prefer to install your hot tub yourself, there are some critical things to know before you get started.

First and foremost, you need a level, sturdy place to put it – commonly concrete or a reinforced deck. Other foundations can be used as well, but you will want to consult with our staff to make sure your placement is safe and solid.

You’ll also need electricity and running water nearby. Depending on your model’s power requirements (most commonly 110v or 220v), you may need a certified electrician to install the appropriate power and wire your hot tub’s control panel. Again, it’s a great idea to consult with our team about the best choice for your home – and they can outline the pros and cons of each type.

Once your hot tub is properly setup and powered, you can simply fill it with your garden hose! Most hot tub models have self contained filtration systems that operate entirely within the hot tub’s cabinet.



Maintaining a hot tub is all about keeping your water conditioned and avoiding grime and staining.

Use a testing kit often to monitor your water’s pH, alkalinity, calcium, and sanitizer levels, the use the appropriate chemicals (available here at ELS) to adjust and maintain. You can use a pool skimmer to clear out any debris, and explore a variety of products to help keep your spa clean.

You’ll also want to periodically air out your hot tub cover, as well as keep your filter clean. Depending on your model, filter cleaning can be done with a few simple steps. Our staff can help identify what type of filter you have, and show you exactly how to keep it running at its best.

We’re here to help – so don’t hesitate to ask questions, come to us with problems, and tell us where you need guidance.