We know that game rooms make for great entertainment at parties, during family gatherings, or for casual socializing with a few friends. Every game takes different skills, and the friendly competition is a wonderful way to spend your free time.

But could game rooms have special benefits for young ones?

The Benefits of Having Table Games in Your Home

Having a game room in the home has a host of benefits, some specifically for kids, and others for their parents! If fun with your friends wasn’t enough reason to build out your game room, check out these game room benefits for children!

1. Spatial Development

Most “table games” – like shuffleboard, pool, air hockey, and foosball – have elements of geometry and physics involved. Building skills in these games takes understanding angles, force, and so on. When kids get the hang of them, they are inadvertently learning important information about the world around them!

2. Becoming a Good Sport

You win some, you lose some… You don’t necessarily have to keep score, but it’s a pretty central component to most of the activities you’ll find in a game room, and it’s a great learning experience for young ones! Figuring out how to lose without getting angry – and win without gloating – is a valuable life lesson. Kids can learn the these skills through playing games, as well as the value of working at something to get better (and win more often!).

3. No Screens!

In world inundated with technology, kids are spending more and more time on their phones, playing video games, watching Netflix, and so on. Classic table games provide entertainment and excitement away from the screens that seem to dominate our lives. Technology isn’t all bad, of course, but a little time offline certainly can’t hurt!

4. Quality Time Spent

Whether it’s playing with parents, siblings, extended family, or other kids in the neighborhood, game rooms are a way for kids to build relationships, enjoy some friendly competition, and enjoy quality time with the important people in their lives.

Game rooms are also a fantastic way to host a child’s birthday party, sleepover, or just a casual hangout after school!

5. Staying Out of Trouble

If the kids are in the game room, they’re not out getting into trouble! Having ways to entertain your children (and their friends) in your own home means knowing where they are, being able to provide the level of supervision you’re comfortable with, and being able to provide all the value mentioned above!

This one’s more for the parents, but the positive effects of a fun, supportive household shouldn’t be overlooked. Having fun at home (and staying out of trouble) is good for kids too!

To explore the ways you can build a game room in your home, or to expand the games you already have with new tables, accessories, replacement parts, and more, stop by or contact Emerald Leisure Source today!