How a Hot Tub Helps Your Workout

We all know that hot tubs are great fun, but they can also be a big part of a healthy workout routine.

Regular exercise is about more than just looking or feeling good – it’s also tied to sleeping well, improving mood, and so much more.

The Benefits of Heat and Massage

To help feel your best, a soak in the hot tub does wonders for sore muscles, speedy recovery, and keeping up with your routine!

First and foremost, your hot tub jets act as a full body massage. A good soak will help you relax, and you can adjust your position to put particular muscles directly by the jets for even more relief. If you experience joint pain after your workouts, a soothing hot tub session can alleviate pressure and reduce the aches as well.

Physiologically, the heat dilates blood vessels and stimulates circulation to your muscles and skin. This promotes healing, which helps rebuild damaged muscles and get the most out of working out.

Even if you’re feeling mentally stressed after a tough workout (or a workout at the end of an already long day), a soak in the hot tub helps calm down your mind too! Keeping track of your progress, sticking to a routine, and even the focus it takes to push through the toughest parts of your exercise routine can leave you feeling “brain fried” – and a relaxing break in the spa can help you refocus and have a productive rest of the day!

Now, there is one potential danger to keep in mind. After an intense workout (or even a moderate one), your heart rate and body temperature will be elevated. To make sure you’re staying safe and healthy, give your body some time to cool down before you get in the hot tub. With an elevated body temperature, you might not know if the water’s too hot, or you could potentially raise it even more!

If you’re going to use the hot tub after a workout, make sure you let your body rest for a bit. When your heart rate and breathing are back to normal, and you no longer feel flushed and hot, it’s safe to get in.

As long as you’re being smart about it, a hot tub is a great way to wind down after a good workout, and the heat/massage that make it so relaxing also help to reduce stiffness, make you feel better, and keep you limber so you can get more exercise the next day!

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