How Much Will a Hot Tub Change My Electric Bill?

When considering buying a new hot tub, people often ask: “how much will a hot tub change my electric bill?”

This is an understandable concern, of course, because a hot tub seems like a powerful piece of equipment to install at your home.

While a hot tub is an investment (maybe the most enjoyable you’ll ever make!), the good news is that your electric bill isn’t likely to change drastically.

Many factors determine how much a hot tub costs to operate.

Things you should consider when buying a hot tub, and how it will effect your home’s electric bill.

  • Kilowatt hour rates in your area
  • Hot tub size
  • Fluctuations in energy rates
  • Climate and weather
  • Hot tub insulation
  • Hot tub cover

With a modern hot tub and high quality cover, your water temperature will stay relatively stable. Even in the cold of winter, a newer hot tub will not draw an extreme amount of power to stay warm. If you take care to put the cover on tightly, you’ll make a big difference!

Quality plays a major role as well

A larger upfront cost for a high quality hot tub will mean better insulation, and you won’t need as much energy to keep the water hot. Many hot tub owners make the mistake of heating the water each and every time they plan to use it – but this actually requires more electricity, and makes the hot tub work harder than it needs to. It uses far less electricity (and it’s better for your hot tub) to maintain a consistent temperature. If you’re using it regularly, set the temperature and let it stay warm!

Even if you’ve had your hot tub for some time, you can help conserve energy ensuring filters are clean, keeping up on maintenance, and very importantly, making sure your cover is in good condition. Replacing a damaged, torn, or old cover can help re-insulate your hot tub when it’s not in use, and keep your electricity costs as low as possible.

Again, many factors will affect the monthly energy costs of your hot tub, but if you take good care of your investment, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a spa with your friends and family. In fact, many people enjoy a hot tub at their home for as little as $10 to $20 per month!

If you have any questions about installing a hot tub at your home, or just want to stop by to check out the latest models, call or visit Emerald Leisure Source in Grand Rapids MI.