When you own a hot tub, it’s essential to have a quality cover to protect your investment, keep debris out, and make sure you’re not spending a fortune on maintaining temperature… But can your hot tub cover actually turn into a problem?

Many people overlook a common issue until it’s too late, and end up spending unnecessary money on their electric bill, and even cause irreparable damage to their hot tubs. 

It all stems from a hot tub cover that has become too heavy.

Over time, the foam core of your hot tub cover can become saturated with moisture, which gradually increases the weight. As the weight of the cover becomes too great, it puts too much pressure on the structure of the tub.

This can do damage to jets, internal components, and even cause cracks and damage to the body of the tub. If you use a hot tub cover lift, too heavy of a cover can also cause the lift to malfunction.

When your hot tub cover gets too heavy to lift, it can also cause you to use your spa less – and that means an investment you’re not making the most of!

This kind of cover saturation happens for two primary reasons. If your hot tub chemistry is too far off balance, it can become corrosive to the cover, which in turn breaks apart the water resistant sealer and allows moisture to seep in. Similarly, if your cover has been damaged in some way, especially a tear in the outer layer, that moisture resistance is compromised, and the foam core will begin to become saturated.

So, if you notice that your hot tub cover is getting heavier – especially if your electric bill is also going up, your hot tub temperature isn’t maintaining, or you’re noticing other damage – it’s probably time to replace it. It is possible to just replace the foam core on some models, but this is often more trouble than it’s worth.

Pay close attention to your hot tub cover’s overall weight. Most covers will be around 50 to 75 pounds, and should be able to be moved relatively easily by one person. If this is no longer the case, and the cover is noticeably heavier, it’s time to do something about it. If you leave the problem unchecked, it can cause long term damage to your spa.

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