Planning For a Hot Tub In Michigan? Here’s What You Need To Know

The weather in Michigan gives you a little bit of everything — sun, rain, clouds, and snow — and the best way to enjoy all the seasons is in a hot tub oasis in your backyard that’s great for relaxing and entertaining year round. It’s a warm respite during those snowy winter months and a great place for entertaining during the summer. Not only is it a wonderful way to entertain, it will also help with aching joints, sore muscles, and relaxation.

Factors to Consider Before Making a Purchase

Preparing To Visit Your Hot Tub Dealer

Before you visit the team at Emerald Leisure Source, there are a few things you can do to help the team find the perfect hot tub for your needs:

  • Bring pictures of your backyard to the dealer can see where you would like the hot tub.
  • Take measurements of the area you are considering placing the hot tub.
  • Ask if you can schedule a “wet test,” which involves trying out a hot tub.

Also consider these questions:

  • Who will be using the hot tub? How many people will be in the hot tub at once? Are there young children or people with special access needs?
  • How will the hot tub be used? Are you more interested in entertaining family and friends or is your primary goal relaxation and hydrotherapy to relieve joint and muscle pain? Will you be using your hot tub for all Michigan’s four seasons or just in the summer or winter?

What To Do At the Dealership

Once you’re at the showroom, there are certain things you should address with the dealer:

  • The ideal situation involves you doing a “wet test,” but if that’s not possible, submerge your hand and get to know the feel of the jets in each hot tub. Are they easily adjustable? Is their placement in line with your high-tension areas?
  • Be sure to actually sit in the spa, even if it’s empty. It’s important to make sure the seats are the right size for you. Are there different seat heights that can accommodate all the members of your family? Are there low-profile models for easier access?
  • When maintained properly, a hot tub will last you many years. Ask about filter access, ease of use with the control panel, and a demonstration of typical functions and maintenance duties.
  • Don’t forget about the extras like spa covers, a stereo component, umbrellas, pillows, and lighting.
  • Ask to see photos of their prior installations, and also for all the contact information from those who will be involved in the installation and customer support.

Planning Your Backyard Retreat

Now that you have your hot tub chosen, it’s time to plan your perfect oasis. Because while a hot tub is great on its own, it’s even better with an exciting atmosphere.

  • Foliage – During the summer months in Michigan, consider planting annuals like hibiscus, amaranth, and colorful coleus to add to the ambience of your yard. While the winters aren’t ideal for vegetation, there are still plants like English primrose and winter jasmine that can add a pop of color around your spa.
  • Lighting and Seating – While all Sundance hot tubs come with adjustable LED lighting, it’s a nice touch to add a string or two of twinkle lights to brighten up the area. As for seating, remember that guests may want to step out of the spa and take a break, so consider adding seating area close enough so they can still join in the conversation.

The Final Steps To Creating Your Spa Environment

Simple additions can turn a yard with a hot tub into an inviting backyard retreat and relaxing oasis.

  • Consider an audio setup with waterproof or in-ground speakers instead of just using a portable radio or smartphone connected to a Bluetooth speaker. Some Sundance models even include speakers built right into the hot tub.
  • How about a fire pit, fireplace, or chimea? This adds a dramatic edge to your yard and serves as the perfect place to gather and talk when you’re not soaking in the hot tub.
  • Everyone likes their privacy, and a great way to ensure maximum relaxation is by installing screens, wood slat fencing, or just simple wooden fence posts draped in sheer fabric to create your sanctuary.

Thinking About a Hot Tub For Your Home?

Emerald Leisure Source, right in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is your one-stop shop for brand new Sundance Spas, covers, chemicals, and everything you need to make your hot tubbing experience the best it can be. Stop in and talk with our expert staff today!