The Latest in High Tech Cue Construction

Developments in tools and precision measuring devices mean pool cues are better than ever. Consumer demand for the best of the best – not to mention the needs of professional players at the highest levels – require cue makers to constantly refine their products.

For today’s pool player, cues are better than ever!

Top manufacturer’s feature a variety of high tech solutions to reduce vibration, provide smooth handling, and ensure the straightest possible shot. Both cue butts and shafts are built with the utmost care, and each brand has its own trademark technology.


Meucci Cues use a unique method, constructing their cues with 35 layers of maple, balanced and marked with a targeting dot to give players the perfect sweet spot for their shot.

Meucci Pool Cues in Grand Rapids at Emerald Leisure Source

Their unique splice butt design increases the amplification of each shot, and works to reduce warping, extending the lifespan of the cue.

Meucci even uses a robot called the Myth Destroyer to craft their cues with a precise level of flexibility and minimal deflection!

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Lucasi Hybrid Cues are designed to reduce vibration for a solid feeling, true shot. Each Hybrid Cue uses the X-Shox Dampening system, built with memory foam incorporated in the wrap, as well as a four-piece cue butt construction for increased stability.

Lucasi Pool Cues in Grand Rapids at Emerald Leisure Source

The cues also incorporate a special 8-piece radial shaft design, known as Total Sweet Spot Construction (TSC), which extends the sweet spot throughout the shaft, and provides more consistency and power. G5 Grip Technology adds yet another layer of comfort and control.

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McDermott offers a range of high-tech options, from their customizable Wildfire series, intricately fashioned with 3D rotational cutting, to their ultra-solid one-piece phenolic tips on dedicated break cues.

McDermott Pool Cues in Grand Rapids at Emerald Leisure Source

Both the Intimidator i-Shaft and G-Core cue models use layers of carbon fiber to improve performance and feel. The Intimidator Carbon Energy design offers radial consistency, reduced weight, and high-speed accuracy.

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J. Pechauer

Instead of high-tech features, Pechauer focuses on the highest quality hand-craftsmanship. The “technology” of these cues comes in the extreme attention to detail, in-house kiln, expertly selected exotic woods, and handmade beauty of each cue.

Pechauer Pool Cues at Emerald Leisure Source of Grand Rapids MI

That certainly doesn’t mean these cues are outdated, though! Pechauer keeps up with the demands of the modern player, while showcasing on the irreplaceable skills of the skilled artisan.

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PureX HXT cues of all designs feature a low-deflection shaft with a lightweight polymer core that transfers power and minimizes vibration for a comfortable, effective shot. These cues also come standard with Kamui Black Soft Tips for grip, spin, and more controlled contact with the cue ball.

PureX Pool Cues in Grand Rapids at Emerald Leisure Source

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Explore the finest pool cues from all of these brands at Emerald Leisure Source in Grand Rapids MI.

Our expert team will help you find the right weight, length, taper, and features to match your needs and level of skill. Perfect your shot with the best cue for you!