To make sure you can use your pool table for years to come – and to keep it looking its best – you have to take care of the cloth!

The cloth (or felt) is the your pool table’s most delicate, and perhaps more important, feature. Maintaining a clean, tight, ready-to-play surface goes a long way in protecting your investment… And in making sure your shots are accurate.

Maintaining Your Pool Table’s Playing Surface

Follow these tips to extend the life of your pool table cloth:

1. Brush Often

Chalking your cue is a common part of the game, but the dust left behind spreads more than you might think. This tiny, abrasive bits of chalk work their way into your felt, and as billiard balls roll across the surface, the chalk does more and more damage over time.

To fight back against this inevitable (albeit minor) damage, brush your pool table cloth after every use. It’s recommended that you use a soft-bristled brush, and instead of going in circles, brush excess chalk gently toward the pockets.

To help get the dust out, you can use a damp (not wet!) cloth to wipe down the cloth and help pull up the dust. Let it dry, then brush!

Similarly, you can use a low-powered vacuum to help clean up excess chalk, but be careful! Too much suction can cause the cloth to loosen from the table, so only use a gentle vacuum with a non-rotating brush attachment. If you notice the cloth starting to pull… Stop!

2. Clean Balls, Clean Table

Streaks and marks on your table’s felt most often come from the billiard balls. As players handle them, oils and other grime can build up, and that is transferred to the cloth through normal play. It’s a good idea to clean your pool balls often, using special cleaner that won’t damage the finish or negatively affect play.

Using special cleaner will ensure that the finish is undamaged, keep the balls looking new and playing well, and help you keep any potentially damaging substances away from the cloth.

If you notice your billiard balls are looking dirty, are leaving streaks on the table, or feel grimy to the touch, it’s time to give them a good cleaning!

3. Sun Damage

Even with an indoor pool table, many people overlook the damage sunshine can do! If you’ve got big windows or a skylight, the sun will eventually cause your cloth to fade. Beyond just cosmetic damage, faded cloth is also less sturdy – and therefore more likely to tear, be scratched by a cue, or be worn thin from normal use.

This isn’t to say you need to keep your table in the basement or avoid sunshine altogether… Instead, just be conscious of how the sun’s coming through your windows. To protect the cloth, you can use a pool table cover when you aren’t playing, or simply make a point to draw the blinds or close the curtains at certain points in the day.

It may not seem like much, but over time, damage from the sun can deteriorate even the strongest pool table covering!

To find brushes, billiard ball cleaner, and covers, stop by Emerald Leisure Source today! Our staff is happy to help with tips and tricks for keeping your pool table clean, your cloth in good, shape, and making sure you can enjoy the game with well maintained equipment. Come visit!