Playing pool is a great time regardless of skill level, but the game becomes more and more enjoyable as you develop your skills.

Making more complex shots, playing more strategically, and building confidence in your abilities helps you stay excited about your pool table, and get that much more fun out of each and every game.

While there’s a whole world of things to learn about billiards, improving your game starts with your shot… And a great shot begins with cue control.

Step up your pool cue handling with these quick tips.

Stance is Everything

Because everyone is built a little bit differently, not all pool shooting stances will be the same. Still, the primary objective is to give yourself a solid, well balanced base to shoot from.

Start by “facing your shot” with your shoulders square. Imagine a line from the center of your body where your cue will be.

As you prepare to shoot, turn your feet approximately 45 degrees, leaving your back foot (your right foot, if you’re right handed) on that center line you imagined.

Keep your weight distributed evenly, and make sure your arm can move freely for an even stroke of the cue.

It will take some practice, but as you focus on standing comfortably and maintaining your balance, you’ll start to see your shot improve!

A Straight, Smooth Stroke

Most “bad shots” are a product of lateral cue “wobble” or jerky movements. The key to an improved shot is thinking about it more like a “stroke” – a smooth, singular motion.

Draw the pool cue back, keeping your elbow as straight as possible, and push forward, allowing the cue to glide through your front hand. Use your forearm as a pendulum, don’t grip too tight, and keep the cue straight.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be shooting better in no time!

Don’t Hit Too Hard

A common problem among new players, hitting too hard when shooting pool greatly reduces accuracy, and will often hurt your setup for future shots.

You can practice developing your touch by setting up shots at various distances from the pockets of your pool table, and trying to make shots as gently as possible. It’s easier to increase power when you need it, so focus on making controlled, gentle shots first.

If you employ these three basic tips into your pool playing, you’ll be well on your way to improving your game.

Remember that these skills take time to develop, so don’t rush it! Have fun, enjoy the game whether you win or lose, and try to get a little bit better every day.

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