Quick Tips for Planning a Poker Party

Getting together with friends or family to play cards is a great way to spend a free evening. You’ll test your skills at the game, enjoy conversation, cut loose, and soak in quality time with the people you care about. Depending on how you play, you might win a little money too!

To make your poker party a true success, however, you need more than a poker table and a deck of cards. Sure, you can play the game with the bare essentials, but to make it a party, you can go above and beyond to entertain your guests.

As your planning your next poker night, remember these quick tips!

Have a Blast at Your Next Poker Night

1. Know Your Crowd

Is this a guys’ night? Kid friendly? Are you inviting over work colleagues or your oldest buddies? Knowing the group you’re planning to host is the very first step in planning the rest of your get together. It will affect your choices for food, drinks, other entertainment, and even the time you plan to start!

2. The Essentials

Make sure you have quality decks of cards and plenty of chips. Consider the number of people you’re inviting. Are there enough seats at your poker table? Do you have enough people attending for two concurrent games? It might be a good idea to consider a special poker table, or if you already have one, upgrading to one with more spots for players.

3. Beverages

You’ll know your guests preferences – and if you don’t, you can always ask! Alcoholic or non, don’t skimp on great drinks for your party! This could include local craft beer, top shelf liquor and wine, ginger beer, sparkling juices, “mocktails,” and so much more. The point here is some variety and quality.

4. Snacks

If you’re throwing a more involved party, you can serve dinner before the game begins, but regardless of how you’ve planned your evening, it’s a great idea to have some snacks available during the game. From quick salty bites like chips and pretzels to something more involved (like hors d’oeuvres or wings), small finger foods will keep your guests full and keep them at the table. Plan ahead to make sure they’re accessible from wherever you sit down to play.

5. Background Entertainment

For a little ambience, make sure you have some entertainment to go on in the background of your game. Some people choose classic movies (especially those with poker themes) to play at a low volume. Alternatively, music is a great idea to set the mood and fill out any lulls in conversation. Choose your music wisely – you don’t want to distract from the game, but you don’t want to lull your guests to sleep either!

6. Rules

If you’ve got any special house rules you plan to use, think about them in advance, and make them perfectly clear to the other players before you ever begin the game. This will save disputes and disagreements later on, and prevent you from having to stop the game to rehash.

You’ll also want to decide what type of poker game(s) you plan to play, buy ins, chip values, and all of the other details well before you actually start playing.

With these basics in mind, you can set the tone for a fantastic poker party. Make sure you’re inviting the right people for the type of party you want, and enjoy this great game with delicious drinks and snacks!

For advice on the best poker table for the party you want to throw, to browse our selection, or to pick up the accessories you need to make poker night a success, stop by or contact Emerald Leisure Source today!