Like any other piece of game room equipment, your shuffleboard table is an investment you want to maintain.

Taking a few necessary steps can make a big difference in prolonging the life of your table, and make sure your enjoy playing the game each and every time!

Follow these maintenance tips to get the most out of your shuffleboard experience:


Depending on your board’s finish, there are a couple of approaches to cleaning the table’s surface. Cleaning is a necessity before reapplying wax. It’s also generally good practice to keep the table looking and performing its best.

For traditional wood finishes, use a solution of water, ¼ cup of vinegar, and a few drops of oil, and wipe gently with a clean cloth. For polymer finishes, you can simply use a normal spray cleaner, or if there isn’t much grime on the table, simply clean it with a soft towel.


Keeping your shuffleboard table well-waxed is the most important part of maintenance. This “wax” may also be referred to as “sand,” “powder,” “dust,” and a host of other names. It’s all the same substance, typically made of silicone (or a combination of silicone and corn).

The wax is what allows you to slide pucks down the table – the whole object of the game – so it’s an absolute must to keep up with! You can choose from different “speeds” to suit your level of experience and the size of your table. The main thing to remember here is to make sure the table is well-waxed. Dust the playing surface evenly, moving side to side as you go, traversing from one end of the table to the other.

Outdoor Tables

If you have an outdoor table, be sure to cover it up when it’s not in use! Not only can moisture and weather cause damage and warping, direct sunlight can also harm the table’s finish – leading to discoloration and rough spots on the playing surface.

A durable (typically vinyl) cover is a must for your outdoor shuffleboard table. Be sure you select the right size to match your table, and keep an eye on the cover for any cracks, tears, or other damage.

A little bit of maintenance goes a long way to keeping your shuffleboard table in peak playing condition. If you have any questions about supplies, accessories, or tips for maintaining your table, stop by or contact Emerald Leisure Source to speak with our expert staff!