Selecting The Right

Poker Table

If you and your friends have been getting more and more into playing poker, you’ve probably considered buying your very own poker table.

With “poker night” as a regular part of your social life, having a special table (or tabletop) will get you that much more engaged in the game! 

If you’ve decided to buy a table, though, you have several factors to consider before you make the choice that’s right for you. 

Let’s dive in.

1. Number of Players

This one is something of a no-brainer. You’ll want to make sure that whatever style of poker table you decide on has enough seats for your usual poker game. If the number varies, it’s generally a good idea to go for more seats so you can accommodate extra guests as needed.

2. How Often You Play

Depending on how often you get together to play poker, it can help you determine what kind of table is best for you. If you’re only playing once every few months, something as simple as a roll out or folding poker tabletop might be all you need. They will be easy on your wallet, and even easier to store. If you’re playing weekly (or even more often), though, you may want to go the extra mile for a higher quality, more permanent table.

3. Budget

Of course you’ll have to consider costs when choosing a poker table. If you’re budget it limited (and you’ve decided on a larger, more permanent table), you can choose from lower-priced folding tables or deluxe, standalone tables that will remain in place. The larger your budget, the more extras you can expect, from felt tops to drink and card holders, all the way to beautiful woodworking and designer details.

4. Stakes

If you’re just playing for spare change with friends, perhaps a simple set up is all you need! However, if you’re playing for higher stakes, you want to look and feel like you’re in a serious game! You don’t necessarily have to have a fancy table to play a “serious” game, but it will definitely help your guests feel engaged, keep you comfortable, and make sure you’ve got all the right place to keep your cards, chips, even drinks!

Choosing the right poker table can take time and patience, but with these tips (and a little self-evaluation), you can have a better idea of where to start your search!

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