Sundance Spas SmartTub™ Hot Tub App

From a simple app on your smartphone, you can maximize the relaxation, recovery, and performance potential of your Sundance Hot Tub.

With a tap of your screen, your SmartTub™ System will be connected in seconds, making it easier to use and maintain your hot tub than ever before.

There’s Now a Mobile App for Grand Rapids Hot Tubs

If you have a question, the SmartTub™ app is your personal hot tub assistant. Acting as a quick reference guide, the app gives you personalized tips and tricks, how-to videos, and information based on how you use your hot tub.

The benefits of the app include:

  • Enhanced product knowledge and support
  • Personalized tips and how-to videos about hot tub care
  • Power outage notifications to reduce complications
  • Alerts to both you and your dealer when service is needed
  • Energy usage estimates
  • Ability to set temperature and key settings while away
  • Ways to stay connected with your dealer at Emerald Leisure Source

Connecting Hot Tubs To Local Cell Towers

With the SmartTub™ System, alternative technologies are incorporated in connected products. Because hot tubs are located outdoors, the exclusive design can directly connect to local cell towers. Partnering with major wireless carriers around the world, the system ensures stable networks with maximized performance.

SmartTub™ coverage is not related to your personal cellular plan, but is rather managed directly through the app each year. Even when you don’t have cell service strong enough to stream video or make a call, your coverage will still support your SmartTub™ System.

Hot Tubs and Wi-Fi Connection

Hot tubs are different than indoor connected products and devices that are normally close to the router, as they’re located outside — often quite far away from the router. Add in barriers like walls, water, and distance, and some Wi-Fi signals can be interrupted.

However, there are many products available to help extend the Wi-Fi signal. Please note these will require setup, networking with your existing home router, and a knowledge about home networking. Make sure you’re aware of all network ID and password requirements before setting up your connection.

Want a Hot Tub of Your Own?

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