The Most Energy Efficient Hot Tubs

At Emerald Leisure Source, we have Sundance Spas that have been crafted to be energy-efficient without compromising on performance.

Each energy-efficient hot tub is created with insightful ways to boost efficiency while offering specialized seats and a variety of massage options.

How To Make Your Hot Tub More Energy Efficient

Hot tubs and spas are more energy efficient than ever, and Sundance has made great gains in efficiency over the past few years. While many people often ask, “How much will a hot tub change my electric bill?” when considering buying a new hot tub, the truth is it really won’t bump up your electric bill much at all.

Everything from new insulation materials and energy star-certified pumps to blowers help make your spa more energy efficient than ever. Below are the top tips for gaining greater hot tub energy efficiency.

Invest in a good cover

What’s on top of your spa makes a big difference in the energy that goes into running the actual spa. A quality cover will not only keep water from evaporating, but will also be the best way to keep heat from escaping. The thicker the foam, the more heat trapping ability a spa cover has, so it pays to make the investment.

Check your settings and heater

Any easy way to save power is to check your spa’s owner’s manual to find out if your hot tub unit has an “economy” or “standby” mode. Here’s how you can use your heater more wisely, saving energy. If your hot tub is programmed to run at 104 degrees, bump it down to a lower temperature like 101-102 degrees. Since it takes disproportionately more energy to heat even one degree, this will reduce your overall energy consumption.

Use blowers minimally

Blowers inject bubbles into the spa jets as a complement to your jets, which creates some serious hydrotherapy. However, the introduction of air into the water will lower the temperature of the water when you turn on these features. As a result, this has to be compensated for by your heater. Blowers are particularly energy consuming, so if you have to use them, try doing it at short intervals to keep as much heat in the water as possible.

Location, location, location

Where your spa is located can have a big impact on your energy efficiency. Pick a spot that’s obstructed from winds, and consider building a fence or privacy panel to break up the winds if there are no natural barriers like shrubs. Before setting the spa in place, add some foam board insulation under the tub so you don’t lose heat through the bottom.

If possible, pick a location that’s on a south-facing exposure or a sun-exposed corner of your yard. In the winter, the sun will help melt the snow off the cover.

Thinking About a Hot Tub for Your Home?

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