Pool tables come in a range of sizes, and choosing the right one for your home can make the difference between hours of fun and constant frustration. If your table is too big, you’ll struggle to make shots, hit the wall with the butt end of your cue, and take away from the enjoyment you could be getting from a table appropriate for the room.

Even the cue you use (or the cues you have available for other players) can have an impact on table choice.

Finding the Best Table for Your Home

The fine people at Olhausen Billiards have created this handy chart to help you understand the relationship between room size and pool table options:

As you can see, it’s not just the amount of room the table occupies, but also the room it takes to effectively navigate around the table – and have enough room to make a full stroke with your cue.

As your choosing a pool table for your home, take the time to measure the room and think about placement.

Is the room dedicated exclusively to the table? Can you place it in the center of the room, or will you have to put it closer to a wall or entryway? Even the smallest considerations – before you select a table – can make all the difference. Where will you keep cues and chalk? Even if you have the space, do you prefer a smaller table? How many guests do you anticipate playing with?

Each of these questions can help you solidify your pool table criteria, and make a decision that best suits your home, style of play, and available space. Measure your room, assess your ideal playing situation, and get an idea of what size table works the best for you!

To explore beautiful Olhausen tables, and consult with experts on choosing the best table for your home, stop in to Emerald Leisure Source today!