When playing pool, the break is one of the most important shots you’ll take in the whole game.

It’s all about know where you’re shooting and why – and being able to deliver the power that will really open up the table.

You’ve no doubt seen masters deliver powerful break shots that set the table up for a series of moves that seal victory, and still others who win the game at the break!

While truly masterful break shots can take a lifetime to develop, you can improve your breaks with a few tips.

Know Your Angles

Hitting the center of the 1 ball will have a different effect than hitting it off center, or even shooting behind the front of the rack at other balls in the formation.

Each position will have an impact on the spread across the table. Practice aiming at differing angles – and from different cue ball positions – to see what style of break works best for you.

Keep It Straight

Like any shot in billiards, you want to keep your back arm (shooting arm) controlled, bending at the elbow without rotating your shoulder and letting the back of the cue sway.

During a break, it’s critical to shoot straight, as small variations in the back of your cue can drastically change your aim.

Bring the Power

Generally, a break shot contains a little more power than others in the game. To deliver a strong opening shot, position in your normal stance and bend at your elbow in a swift, fluid motion.

Follow through the cue ball, shifting your weight to your front foot. Experiment with breaking at different velocities – and pay attention your feet!

Breaking is an exciting and challenging part of playing pool, and a way to gain a quick advantage at the beginning of any game.

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