Those cubes of blue chalk are nearly synonymous with playing pool, but what are they for?

We’ve all seen skillful billiards players chalking up their cue before taking a shot, but why?

What purpose does the chalk serve? Is it truly important to chalk the cue so often?

The true purpose of billiards chalk is friction.

By chalking the tip of the cue before every shot, players increase the “grip” the cue has when it makes contact with the cue ball – which means reducing the likelihood of a miscue, when the tip slips as it makes contact, causing that disappointing, ruined shot.

This also comes into play with more advanced shots, as players hit the cue ball at an angle to cause certain spin, “English,” or even a skip over other balls in the way of their best shot.

The best way to chalk a cue is with a delicate, deliberate brushing motion.

Use the chalk to evenly coat the tip of the cue as if you were using a paintbrush – or as one famous player put it, “like a lady puts on lipstick.”

Many people make the mistake of rotating the cue into the chalk, effectively drilling a hole into the center. This both decreases the lifespan of your chalk and prevents the cue tip from being adequately covered.

It’s also a good rule of thumb to avoid chalking your cue over the table, as to not get blue (or sometimes green) dust all over your felt.

If you chalk your cue gently, you’ll get the best coverage on the tip, prolong the life of your chalk, and avoid unnecessary messes!

This is just one of many small tips that can lead to better pool playing, as well as an all around more enjoyable experience for your friends and family. Remember, playing games is supposed to be about having fun – and the better you play, the more fun you’ll have!

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